Australian School Of Meditation & Yoga in Geelong City in GEELONG, Victoria

Australian School Of Meditation & Yoga in Geelong City
Australian School Of Meditation & Yoga in Geelong City
Australian School Of Meditation & Yoga in Geelong City
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Address:  GEELONG Victoria

Deep Peace meditation
Guided breathing, relaxation and meditation that will transport you to a place of pure relaxation of mind, body and heart.
All welcome. FREE ? runs by donation. No Booking Required.
Friday 11:00 ? 11:45am
Thursday Spiritual Gathering
Join us for beautiful sacred kirtan, guided meditation, an inspiring talk on the timeless wisdom of yoga and a fantastic vegetarian feast. The chanting of sacred mantras can transport you to a place of peace and harmony and reawaken your spiritual consciousness. The guided meditation enables you to rest the mind and body. This is the perfect time to inquire about spiritual topics, make new friends and cultivate your spiritual garden.
All welcome. FREE ? runs by donation. No Booking Required.
Thursday 7:00 ? 9:00pm
Bhagavad-Gita Class & Kirtan
Discover the spiritual essence of yoga and bring a greater sense of sacredness into your daily life with readings from the timeless wisdom of the ancient Bhagavad-Gita. This program also features beautiful chanting of sacred mantras and a delicious vegetarian dinner.
All welcome. FREE ? runs by donation. No Booking Required.
2nd & 4th Saturday of Month. 4:00 ? 8:00pm
Everyone is welcome to join in with beautiful sacred Kirtan (chanting). Whether you are a beginner or a long time meditation practitioner, you will leave feeling uplifted, relaxed and satisfied.
All welcome. FREE ? runs by donation. No Booking Required. Several sessions weekly.
Hatha Yoga classes
A Hatha yoga class which combines a unique mixture of flowing dynamic sequences and static stretching which will strengthen and tone the entire body. It will help balance your bodily systems, while incorporating deep yoga breath work. This class finishes with meditation and total body relaxation. You will leave this class with your body feeling alive, and your mind alert, yet calm. You will be left with an overall feeling of wellbeing and peacefulness. These classes are for everyone; beginner, intermediate or advanced. 90 minute class.
Hatha Yoga: Easy
Start your yoga practices with these extra easy Hatha Yoga classes which cater for the beginner, or person wanting a more relaxed, gentler class. These classes are also perfect for people with stiff bodies, for those recuperating from illness and the elderly. You?ll learn to ?listen to your body? and work at your own pace. These classes include gentle yoga asanas, breath work, kirtan and total body relaxation. Try one today! 90 minute class.
Hatha Yoga: Early
Early morning yoga for an invigorating and refreshing yoga session.
Wednesday 6:15 ? 7:30am
Hatha Yoga Class fees:
Casual: $14
Pensioners and students: $12
5 Class pass: $60
10 Class pass: $110 ? Pensioner/student $100
20 Class pass: $200 ? Pensioner/student $190
Kids Yoga Classes
In our Kids Yoga classes we provide a fun, non competitive environment for your child to safely practice the following:
Postures ? Improves flexibility. Help strengthen the bones and muscles. Improves postural awareness and develops balance, builds co-ordination, helps develop both right and left sides of the brain.
Breathing techniques ? Calms the mind and emotions, strengthens breath capacity and oxygenates every cell in the body.
Music and singing ? A fun approach to yoga which encourages confident expression, builds concentration and increases memory, while stimulating brain function and rhythm.
Story telling ? This creates good listening skills and promotes relaxation. Helps develop imagination, focus, and visualization.
Relaxation time ? Helps calm the nervous system, the body, breath, emotions and mind. Rejuvenates the entire nervous system, and allows the child to have quiet time to go within and really relax and let go of stress.
Meditation ? Using kirtan, this helps your child develop awareness and attentiveness. It can help to bring about purpose and peacefulness to their lives. They learn to care about others and improve their self development.
(1 hour class)
Runs by school term for 2010. Monday 4pm ? 5pm and Thursday 4pm ? 5pm.
Class fees:
$12 per child
10 class pass $100
20 class pass $180
Tai Chi
An excellent system of exercise for a wide variety of health issues. Tai Chi Chuan is world renowned for its ability to improve the strength, well-being and health of all who practice it. Anyone from any field will appreciate the wonderful effects Tai Chi has in improving their mental concentration, strength and sense of well-being. Classes are instructed by a professional teacher with over 30 years experience in Tai Chi and Chi Kung. 1 hour class.
Chi Kung
Weekly classes are now open for anyone wanting simple yet very effective exercises to improve their health and well-being. Chi Kung is a fundamental aspect of traditional Chinese medicine and can help you manage and even cure many physical and mental disharmonies. Its practice leaves you feeling uplifted and positive in your approach to everything you do. You will achieve a healthy mind, a calm spirit and a stronger immune system by its regular practice. 1 hour class.
Tai Chi & Chi Kung Class fees:
Casual: $12
Pensioners and students: $10
10 class pass $100
20 class pass $190
Combined Chi Kung & Tai Chi Class fees:
Casual: $18
Pensioners and students: $14
10 class pass $160
20 class pass $310
Vegetarian Lifestyle Classes
At each themed class, our talented cooks demonstrate delicious vegetarian dishes which you can learn to cook yourself. Enjoy a tasty meal at the end of this Gala event. Bookings essential. Express your interest now!
Cost: $35 includes recipe booklet and full meal.
When: 10:30am ? 12:30pm. Saturdays once a month.
Where: Classes held at the Yoga Life Center in Geelong.
Bookings essential
Discover Meditation Courses - Geelong
Meditation provides insight into the workings of the mind and the emotions, whilst completely relaxing the body. It further helps you develop clarity and wisdom and gain a greater understanding of life. You can experience inner peace and happiness by reawakening your natural spiritual consciousness and becoming self realised.
In this course you will learn:
Mantra breath meditation
Mindfulness meditation
Nadi shodan pranayam ? a relaxing and rejuvenating breath exercise
Complete body relaxation
Breath awareness and 3 part yoga breathing
Japa meditation ? using beads
March ? Evening Course
Part 1 ? Monday 8th.. 6:30 ? 8:00pm
Part 2 ? Monday 15th.. 6:30 ? 8:00pm
April ? Evening Course
Part 1- Monday 12th.. 6:30 ? 8:00pm
Part 2- Monday 19th.. 6:30 ? 8:00pm
May ? Evening Course
Part 1- Monday 17th.. 6:30 ? 8:00pm
Part 2- Monday 24th.. 6:30 ? 8:00pm
June ? Evening Course
Part 1- Monday 21st.. 6:30 ? 8:00pm
Part 2- Monday 28th.. 6:30 ? 8:00pm
July ? Evening Course
Part 1- Monday 19th.. 6:30 ? 8:00pm
Part 2- Monday 26th.. 6:30 ? 8:00pm
August ? Evening Course
Part 1- Monday 16th.. 6:30 ? 8:00pm
Part 2- Monday 23rd.. 6:30 ? 8:00pm
Monday morning Discover Meditation courses can also be arranged. Please call for details and bookings.
FREE ? runs by donation. Bookings essential.
Winchelsea Day Retreats
Every month we hold a Saturday retreat at Winchelsea, (20min past Geelong).It is great to get out of the city and get some fresh air. Activities include feasting, chanting meditation, yoga, sports or just take a nice walk in the country. Also, it is a chance to inquire about meditation and make new friends.
~DISCOVER MEDITATION COURSE~ 10am-11:30am (booking only)
~KIDS YOGA~ 4pm - 5pm (booking only)
~HATHA YOGA~ 5:30pm - 7pm
~DISCOVER MEDITATION COURSE~ 6:30pm -8pm (booking only)
~EXTRA EASY YOGA~ 9:30am - 11am
~HATHA YOGA~ 6pm -7:30pm
~EARLY BIRD YOGA~ 6:15am - 7:30am
~HATHA YOGA~ 9:30am - 11am
~HATHA YOGA~ 6pm - 7:30pm
~EXTRA EASY YOGA~ 9:30am - 11am
~KIDS YOGA~ 4pm - 5pm (booking only)
~TAI CHI & CHI KUNG~ 5:15pm - 6:45pm
~HATHA YOGA~ 9:30am - 11am
~TAI CHI & CHI KUNG~ 9am - 12pm
~HATHA YOGA~ 9.30am - 11am
Our teachers are:
Certified Tai Chi Chuan Instuctors
Certified Chi Kung Instuctors
Certified Hatha Yoga Instuctors
Qualified Meditation Instructors
Senior first aid practitioners
Constantly striving to apply the teaching of the yoga tradition to their professional and personal lives
The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga is nationally accredited.